Year 2

Year 2


We were asked to co-work with the year 2 performers to:

  1. Form a band
  2. Select 2 or more songs to record in the studio, and mix to a CD, with a deadline at Christmas.
  3. Put on a live show, which will be in May 2017 and promote by form of advertising.
  4. Put together a music video, which we will be co-working with the media students in February 2017.


The Band:

Tom – Drums, Emma – Bass, Toby – Vocals, Steve – Guitarist on a couple of tracks, Siv – Keyboards on a couple of tracks.

Studio and Live Engineers:

Adam, Steve and Siv.


The genre we have chosen is Rock. The band will be doing cover versions from glam, punk to funk and pop-rock of popular songs throughout history and into modern rock. The live show will be a six song set:

Iggy Pop – I wanna be your dog – 1969

Sex Pistols – God saved the queen  – 1977

RHCP – Can’t Stop – 2002

Muse – Super Massive Black Hole – 2006

David Bowie – Heroes – 1977

Queen – Radio GaGa – 1984