Costs of Recordings

The costs of the recordings done were all out of my pocket to gain experience in the recording, mixing and mastering process. I put an ad on Join My Band which was free to advertise.

I received quite a few responses, some that didn’t turn up or didn’t reply after the first or second message. If I was going to charge people I realized I would need to charge people straight away after they replied. Put up a deposit or pay in full. This way they are already invested in the recording before they even step into the studio. I think this would be an ideal way to do things for the band and myself. It would be beneficial for all involved. I would set up a website that allowed people to register, select a date for the recording by appointment, which then takes them to pay pal, to pay a deposit or pay in full.

As the college facilities are so cheap there wasn’t a lot to shell out. But if I were doing it outside of college, say at absolute music, they charge £30 – £40  per hour. For four hours recording time this would be £120. It all adds up, so I would have to charge a lot more for myself to break even per recording.

The College

£14 for 4 hours recording time x2 sessions = £28

Yui & Ian was the first session done in Studio 2 we recorded 10 full songs.

Classic Rock Band was the second session done in Studio 2 we recorded 1 full song and 12 short snippits of different songs roughly around 50 -60 seconds.

Bobbers Bones was done purely at home. We recorded 4 songs over a period of 3 months, this took longer because Shane needed help with the arrangement of the songs.

So all accounted for would be £28 and the time It took on organizing, mixing and mastering the tracks.

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