Classic Rock Band

For this recording, I went it alone, just to see if I could record a four piece band by myself. Sink or swim as they say.

I felt exhilarated to say the least when the band were happy with the results of the recording.

As before, I setup the studio an hour before the band arrived, so the band had the whole four hours recording time.

What I found was, I needed more time, as when they arrived, I still had protools setup to do. And the piano player also wanted a Hammond style keyboard, which wasn’t said in the emails I received before hand. He was more than happy though that a piano was all miced up and ready to play.

They all arrived separately and all on time, which was good as in one email, John said the bassist maybe a little late. John was the main contact who I was emailing back and forth prior to the recording session. It was nice to put a name to a face.

The band:

Drummer: Adam

Bassist: Micheal and Vocalist on Eric Clapton – Cocaine

Piano: Steve and Vocalist REM – The One I Love

Guitar and Vocal: John Vocalist Prince – Purple Rain


The mic set up was:


Kick: AKG D112 – 3-4 inch’s away from the beater so as to get the beat and not the click that you get when it’s inside the kickdrum. Insert 1

Snare: SM57 – close miced 2-3 inches away, off axis, just enough for Adam to hit without the mic getting in the way. Insert 2

O/H’s: Pair of C1000’s about 5-6 inches above each cymbal. Separate stands. Insert 3/4

The Bass was DI’ed, which makes it easier to record. Insert 5

Piano – Sontronic STC 1’s  placed in the middle of an open piano with a cross bar. Insert 6/7

Guitar: SM57 – which was about 5 inches away from the amp, to capture the room sound as well. Insert 8

3 Vocal mics. Insert 9/10/11

I had to make some small adjustments to the vocal mics when they all got set up.

The band wanted to record 1 full track for my FMP and then record 30 second snippets for their website, we discussed this in the emails prior to recording. They wanted to record a full version of Prince – Purple Rain, which I gladly agreed.

At the end of the recording, we finished off with 11 songs, with time to spare so the band could come into the control room to listen back, Steve wasn’t so sure of Johns vocal on Purple Rain, we had enough time to do another take, so John went back and did another vocal take.

We finished off around 9.30, so I could pack down the gear in time to leave at 10pm.

The whole session looked like

I had a lot to work with and edit down.


I separated each song and named them using the markers so each song was easily identifiable. We recorded 4 different takes of Prince – Purple Rain and an overdub on the vocal for the forth take.

The songs we recorded were:

Prince – Purple Rain

REM – The One I Love

Bruce Hornsby – The Way It Is

Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing

Wilson Picket – Mustang Sally

Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

Beatles – Let It Be

Guns and Roses – Knockin on Heavens Door

Chuck Berry – Johnny Be Good

Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love

David Bowie – Lets Dance

Eric Clapton – Cocaine

Purple Rain was a full take, the others were 30-50 second snippits.

On to the mix downs of the tracks I chose for the FMP.

I use my mixing template for all mixing sessions I do, I don’t spend much time doing a mix, once I have a good sounding mix, I don’t mess around with it that much, if it’s recorded properly, there is no need to. Just touch up and polish the recording.

In the full session I selected the tracks which I wanted, went to the cliplist, and export clips as files. So they would be in a separate folder to use in the mixing session.

Opened up my mixing template, and imported the tracks into the session, within the clip list.

Dragged the cliplist tracks separately over to the respected channel




Because my mixing template does most of the heavy lifting, I just tweaked it here and there, to get the best possible mix.







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