Scott Litt Interviews

Nirvana, REM, The Indigo Girls, The DB’s, The Replacements.

The interview starts at 8.40 minutes in. It was really hard to find this interview but it’s really good, talks about working with Nirvana, REM, and Paul McCartney. Audio recording the Nirvana Unplugged. Being a producer.

Also thought I would include the Scott Litt Vs Steve Albini In Utero mixes.

As you can tell the Steve Albini mixes are a lot darker and kinda muffled, very bass up front.

Litt worked on a lot of REM albums and really molded their sound and in doing so created a movement in the early 90’s. Green 1988, Out of Time 1991, Automatic for the People 1992, Monster 1994 and New Adventures in Hifi 1996. In 1997, R.E.M. and Litt discontinued their collaboration.


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