Bobbers Bones – Howling at the Moon









When mixing a song, I always start a new session in Protools and import the tracks into my mix template via the cliplist, so I can start editing first and then mix within the same template. I delete all the tracks I don’t need like the drums and bass for this song. Because there is no drum or bass in this song, I had to fill the 3D sound spectrum with just the guitar and vocal.


I have edited the guitar tracks, colour coded and added the markers. so it looks like this..

Edited the vocal tracks…

I put the ooh vocals on separate channels than the vocals because I can mix them individually and colour coded them a slightly different colour, so I can identify them easier.

After editing and setting levels. I bounced it to disk and uploaded the track to soundcloud.

Because the song is only done with a vocalist and an acoustic guitar, I had to make it sound bigger than it actually was, so I created space with the reverb guitars, distorted solo guitar, double tracks and added vocal sections.

Rhythm guitar section –  To create space in the mix I added CLA Effects and just included reverb with half amount of eq to brighten the sound of the guitar, through the blue cat interface I can select various waves plugins, as these are VST’s, and protools doesnt support VST plugins out of the box. I also added 7 band EQ as a high pass filter to rid of the low rumbles made through the acoustic guitar and anything else below 100hz.

The solo part of the song was supposed to stay acoustic style, but it sounded bland and needed excitement, so I took a gamble and it paid off because Shane loved the idea of adding distortion to the solo part and enjoyed the song so much more.

So again I used the Chris Lord Alge effects from the waves collection. I ramped the distortion up and added a little reverb to the guitar sound, to make the guitar solo sound like it’s coming from a distorted electric guitar.



On to the vocals…

The beginning of the track, there are some background ooohhs, funnily enough, I didn’t have to touch these with effects or volume changes, they are as they were recorded, I like the idea of doing it this way because it’s less work for me in the mixing process.

Layered on top of each other 5 different tracks to create a slight reverb effect.

I did the same thing for the main vocals, layering on top of each other, but this time I asked Shane to sing in some lows and highs to make the song sound bigger than it actually is. We ended up with 7 different takes that made it to the record.

Again I added the CLA effects to three of the vocal tracks. I used distortion but changed the setting to fuzz to make the vocal sound gritty and a little reverb.








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