Bobbers Bones – Wherever Life Takes Me



OK, so I did something different with the acoustic guitar track on this song, I used a Shure SM58 on channel 1, and I added a second microphone pickup that was placed on the acoustic guitar, and hooked it up to the mixing desk on channel 2. The first version of this song above is the first recording, I mentioned to the singer Shane, to try the guitar solo on electric guitar, on the next session.

In the first session recording this track, We completed most of the song, Intro, 1st verse, 1st chorus, 2nd verse, 3rd verse guitar, 2nd chorus and the rhythm guitar for the solo end section.

The second session, we completed the electric guitar solo and the 3rd verse vocal, the 3rd verse vocal take, didn’t sound as good so that will be completed on the next session.

I recorded this in parts. With the intro, Shane liked a part that we did earlier in a session, so I added that into the song to make up the intro.





I edited the song, added the markers, cut off the tails and used cross fades on a few parts.


I used cross fades because as an example, I wanted to keep the ending of this audio below, if I were to cut it off at the beginning of the cross fade the song would have gaps in audio and sound terrible. So I used cross fades to bridge the gaps between sections of the track so it sounds seamless.



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