Bobbers Bones Recording Ride

Recording Bobbers Bones – Ride

First I wanted to hear the live version of the track laid bare in all it’s glory, we recorded this video at my flat in Bournemouth with a few friends at the start of the sessions in late January. We will have recorded 3 different tracks at the end of the sessions towards the end of March with Bobbers Bones and the mix downs will happen in between recording each song which I will also document.

So I got Shane to set up and get comfortable and I hit record. The video is quite raw and natural, I wanted to capture that in the recording.

Session 1. – Rough Take – So we did a rough take of the song Ride, that I helped produce and arrange.

We recorded this in my home studio. We started with the rhythm guitar, strangely enough the Shure SM58 sounded a lot better than the Samson GTrack condensor microphone. Because of the supercardioid pickup pattern the Samson Gtrack picked up the cars and buses going passed the flat. I placed the Shure SM58 directly at the 12 fret about 5 inches away from the guitar, to get a nice ring from the chords being played at the body of the guitar.


The recording does sound a little boomy, from the guitar but that’s because where I placed the SM58. I did try pulling the SM58 further in towards the guitar 2-3 inches away, but the recording didn’t pick up the ring of the high notes so much and they were a major part of the song.

gtrack-freq 0253

Samson GTrack – Condenser                             Shure SM58

The graphs show the difference in frequency response between the Samson GTrack and the Shure SM58

The SM58 has a steep roll off at each side whereas the GTrack being a super cardiod, picks up more of the high and low frequencies.

The SM58, with a slight dip in the midrange, the GTrack has a flat response until it rolls off around 10Hz.


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