Session 7

Today we went into studio 1, to practice recording and setting up different miking techniques.

For the drums, Siv and I setup, and went with an A-B stereo pair as O/H’s, the CO’2s over the cymbals. D112 on the Kick, same as before, but this time I wanted more of a snap and rattle from the snare so I set up 2 mikes, snare top and snare bottom with a distance of 1 inch pointing upright to the snare on the bottom and the exact same on top as not to cause phase between the two microphones.

The guitar was amped up with a SM57, 1 inch away from, and in the centre of the amp. Toby played the guitar.

We DI’ed the bass this time round.

Abbie was on vocals with an


1. Kick – B1 on desk

2. Snare Top – B2

3. Snare Bottom – B3

4. O/H Left – B4

5. O/H Right – B5

6 Bass – A1

7. Guitar – A2

8. Vocal – A3



The setup took longer than I thought it would, we definitely need to speed that process up.

In the control room, we had an issue with the bass, and the overheads, we couldn’t hear them, and we were up against the clock. Glenn came in to see how we were doing around the time, we tested the cable, we made sure phantom power was on the overheads and the DI’d bass. It turned out, I put the line switch on the desk, when it shouldn’t be. But we still couldn’t hear the overheads.

The band were pretty cool about the issues as I let them know what was going on every step of the way.

Again this was the first time we were in Studio 1, recording a full band setup, Siv, Steve and I together as a team. Going in the deep end like this, which is what I like best, you have to think on your feet and sort any issues you may encounter quickly and efficiently, which we didn’t do that well today.

We ended up recording 2 takes of the song, but didn’t save our work. So we lost the session completely.

For the next session we will be more prepared, set up and sort any issues that may arise quickly. We will save our work as we go along and probably better if one of us goes into the control room when the others are setting up the mics to do a sound check to prepare the session. It will definitely streamline the process.


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