Sessions 4-5

Session 4, we went into studio 5 and ran through the Iggy Pop song, we wanted to record the session but we couldn’t login to the mac. Knowing later on that day we had to ask Lewis to login. Instead we video recorded the session on my phone, again later on that day when I was home, the video file malfunctioned. So it was a non starter, but at least we got the full band to run through the track a couple of times.

So session 5 was very productive, we ended recording a full take of the song.

We decided in the facebook group, that we would record the Iggy Pop song. The setup of the mics took a long time, and then we had an issue with the Pro Fire set up, so we had to ask Lewis for help, and then Glenn helped out as well. The problem being the 1st Pro Fire unit wasn’t syncing properly with the second Pro Fire unit, going into Protools. So after all that was sorted we had limited time to record. Steve had an issue about hearing himself in the headphones, but we didn’t have the time to sort that problem out.

We got a full take of the Iggy Pop song without doing any overdubs. I did Steve Albini style of recording the band altogether. If we did have enough time I would’ve moved the drum mics, especially the kick drum as it sounds too boomy.


The mics we used were:

Kick Drum – D112, 2-3  inches away from the outside beater.

Snare – SM57, 3-4 inches away from the snare and the rim.

O/H’s – CO2’s, separated A-B pair, about 10 inches above the cymbals, each side of the drum kit.


Bass – SM57, we experimented with putting the SM57 close to the amp, about 2-3 inches away. The sound of the bass in the studio was very weak, so we decided to DI it in the next session, and test the results to see which sounds better, not only in the recording but in the mixing session as well.

Guitar – SM57, with the guitar, we put the mic up close to the amp about 2 inches away. Which sounded quite loud, raw and over powering to everything else, especially the vocals, you can hardly hear Toby Or Abbie.

Keyboards – We DI’d the keyboards that Siv was playing, but I noticed there was no signal coming through on protools, and didn’t have enough time to rectify this issue.

Vocals – SM58

The input list was the same as what is outlined above:

  1. Kick
  2. Snare
  3. O/H Left
  4. O/H Right
  5. Bass
  6. Guitar
  7. Keyboards
  8. Vocal – Toby
  9. Vocal – Abbie


This is the first recording I have done totally by myself in studio 5. So I need more practice getting the levels right.



And here is the mix for the Iggy Pop – I wanna be your dog.




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