Oasis – Supersonic Instrumental Cover


The Oasis song was all the band knew how to play together but they did a killer job. Andy, Siv and I, recorded this in studio 4. Siv and I set the mics up, starting with the drums. The Samson CO’2’s as overheads, we tried a different technique with the over heads, the way we did it was straight on axis and parallel to each other with a slight downward position over the Cymbals , with a distance of  12 inches apart. SM57 Dynamic on the snare drum on axis. And the D112 on the kickdrum, we wanted more of a thump so we put the D112 about 4-5 inches away from the hole, as their was no bass guitar in the song, the kickdrum needed to be thick.  The only guitar in the song was amped up on the Peavey, with a clean tone, with the SM57 on axis in the middle, almost touching the grill of the amp.


The band had no bass player and there were only 2 people that we recorded, the drummer and the guitarist, with an overdub on the guitar which the drummer played after the guitarist went home. It was very much on the spot, you can hear the rawness of the guitar, we did 3 takes on the overdub and by far the 3rd was the best one and used in my mix. There were some major issues with bleed on this song, mainly from the CO2’s. The recording would have been better done in studio 1 as there is a separate room for drums. The CO2’s are meant to reject any sound that’s behind them. But the guitarist was in close proximity with the drummer. I’d say at least a foot away.





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