Session 2-3

We have been busy the last 2 weeks. The last two weeks have been in preparation of a presentation. We have gained a new member, a name for the band and we put on the live presentation in front of an audience as a powerpoint with 1 person talking per slide.

So the name of the band is The Common Idiots, it does go well with the Christmas CD as the 2 songs we are recording are punk rock. The idea of the name was the new member’s Abby’s idea , because the song that she choose first was The Common People by Pulp. We have since changed the song choice to Kings of Leon – On Call.

So the live set will include:

Iggy Pop – I wanna be your dog – 1969

Sex Pistols – God save the queen  – 1977

RHCP – Can’t Stop – 2002

Kings of Leon -On Call – 2007

David Bowie – Heroes – 1977

Queen – Radio GaGa – 1984


On a side note:

Just been chatting with Toby and we came up with some ideas:

To record the rehearsals in a studio room, and use the recordings as outtakes for the Christmas CD

To video record the rehearsals and add them to our blogs.

To video record the live event.


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