In the Mix – Vocals

With the vocals, I always mix the vocal last and put the vocal last in the pro tools mix session before the group busses, when I import the tracks.  I do this because the vocals are the most important piece of the puzzle and this way of doing things helps the vocals sit on top of the mix. If I did put the vocals in before the rest of the band, I would be fighting for space and headroom in the overall mix.


So with the vocals, I wanted the dreamy psychedelic feel that you can find in the original version of the song.

The 2 pics below are the tracks, what were recorded, I chose to use in my protools session for the mix

lead vocals before

bgd vocals before

The latter as background vocals that seemed right as they were recorded with a background mic and sounded perfect for what I wanted to use them for in the mix.

First off i set up the groups buss so all the vocals are routed to All Vocals

Lead Vocal – going to Ld Vocal Level – going to All Vocals

2 High room mics as backing vocals both sent to All Vocals

I haven’t inserted any reverb or delay on any of the vocal channels, I wanted to naturally create the feeling of space within the vocals so what I did was add the high room mic as this track creates a very spacious feeling then duplicate that track. So I have the main vocal and 2 high room mic tracks.

Vocals Tracks

Now I have the vocal tracks in place. The vocal track didn’t need a lot of editing, just one cut and a slight move on each track

The first step in the chain of inserts would be EQ. Just to rid everything on the track of the lows from the mic.


The pop shield wasn’t used in this recording,  without the pop shield causes the ss’s and the tt’s even the dd’s and breathes in a recording to pop out a lot. For this issue I used the de-essr, just for the high frequencies. The de-esser will kick in anytime the track goes over a certain frequency to easily tame any breathes reducing excess sibilance. I could do this manually, using clip gain, by ever so slightly adjusting the volume of the track where sibilance occurs.

female deesser

The Backing Vocals

bgv trax

bgv mixwindow

I lowered the volume of the BGV’S buss as I wanted them to compliment the main vocals, not drown the lead vocal out. So the backing vocals almost sound like a whisper.  I panned them hard left to create space and natural reverb and delay.



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