In The Mix – Drums

The Mix – Drums

I decided to do it in sections so drums was the first thing I concentrated on…

After listening to the drum tracks a dozen times, I found that there were a lot of inconsistencies with the drums.

There was no kick drum with this song, so the beat of the track was solely due to the snare drum, riding along with the bass guitar track. So I wanted to put more emphasis on these two tracks and make them more prominent within the song.

What I decided to do, due to the inconsistencies and the beats of the snare drum were not in time with the rest of the band, to manually chop up and place the snare and the rack toms so they were exactly in time with each other and played along with the overheads in time. I also did the same with the castanets and the rain percussion so they played in time with the rest of the instruments. I only had to do a little editing on the overheads because they were the source for the rest of the drums.

So after editing the overall drums looked like…

Drums Capture

The overall drum sound was mainly captured with the overhead mics, the CO2’s, and then subsequent mics for the snare drum and toms for the overall feel of the song.

The O/H’s

I started with the overhead as it picked up all the drums when we recorded the band. I duplicated the overhead track and panned them left and right. I routed them both to a separate buss. It seemed easier to group the overheads together and put them on a separate aux track, so I could EQ and compress just 1 track.

oh pan


OH protools



oh eq

With the EQ on the overheads, I got rid of the low end, and added a shelf at around the 5k mark, to gain that crispiness from the cymbals, toms and snare, that was cutting through.


compress oh

Compression Overheads

I only wanted a little compression on the overheads just to round off the peaks

The Snare Drum

I routed the original snare drum to the snare level where I inserted the plugins. Which is then routed to All Drums buss. I inserted a high pass filter EQ to cut the lows at 50Hz so it sounded clear and concise with a nice rattle.eq snare

The snare was sounding too weak and quiet. I needed to bring the volume up, so it fitted in the mix. I used the BF76 to manage this. I slowly bought the  input and output up to a level I was comfortable with, without it sounding over done. I could have used maxim, but I didn’t want the harshness that maxim brings.



Because the drums drive the song and I’ve adjusted them quite radically, I needed to modify the rest of the tracks so they are in line and in time with the drums.


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