Pre Mix

Pre Mix

First lets concentrate on the housework of organizing the tracks, lining up and editing the tracks, this was the hardest thing for me to do, and took a whole day and a half to place and edit into my mix template.

My Mix Template…

Capture MixTemplate

This was the original recording before organizing the tracks…

Before1 Mixing

Before2 Mixing

Before3 Mixing

I had to sift through the tracks and delete double takes and what wasn’t needed, which ended up like this..

Whittled down to 23 Tracks and easier to manage. As you can see I like to organize the tracks by instrument. Drums and percussion, bass and organ, guitars, and then vocals.

After Mixing

I added the groups according to the instrument as follows…

Groups Capture

Routed the groups to the sub-master so any plugins I added towards the overall mix wouldn’t be overloaded on the master buss.


Ozone 7

The first thing I like to do in any mix is setup an insert on the master track, I’m using Izotope Ozone 7 as a complete tool. I’ll be using the EQ and the vintage compressor section of Ozone 7, on the master track.


I made 3-4 small changes to the EQ as shown below.

EQ Master track ozone7

  1. Roll off some low end using a high pass filter.

I’m rolling off anything below 28hz. This frequency is unnoticeable to the human ear, but cuts any unwanted noise in the low-end.

2.  To clean up the low mids.

I’ve taken out 1 and half db  at 450hz. The 3-5hz range. I’ve cut this out to make the mix sound better, any higher or lower will make the low mids sound nasally.

3. High shelf boost

Boosting at 6 1/2k, again very subtle to make the guitars and cymbals a little more exciting.

Subtle moves to the EQ, but it has a big impact on the overall sound.


compression ozone7master

Use a compressor to gently squeeze the loudest peaks in the mix, which in this mix is the snare and the toms. If i can bring those two down on the master track, it will give me some headroom for the rest of the individual tracks.


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