In the Mix – Guitars


I love how Ryan and Toby’s guitar drifts hazily along in the song, similar to the original version.

Again a lot of edits but i had to line both guitars with the drums and bass edits I made previously.

EQ was the first in the chain on Ryan’s guitar, I got rid of low end by cutting around 1k mark, then again cutting the low mids at -3dB. I found the sweet spot in the mid range at around 1k with a 3dB lift and in the high frequencies with a 2.3dB increase at 249 kHz just to round the tone off.



With Toby’s guitar, there was a lot of hissing straight after the notes were played, so I cleaned that up with EQ. Leaving only the mids in place.

toby eq

I thought I should give you a before and after of the EQ, as there is a huge difference in tone which effects the whole mix.

Before EQ


After EQ.


I added Chris Lord Alge Guitars for both tracks to get that dreamy feeling. On a clean setting with over the top reverb and delay.

cla guitar.PNG




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