In the Mix – Bass and Organ

Bass and Organ

On to the bass line and the organ…The two pics below are before editing, just as they were recorded.

original bass

organ before

Bass after editing

Bass protools

I made some small volume modifications in the bass, there was an issue with Emma’s bassline that I had to use clip gain in a couple of areas. Due to the wrong note being played which effected the song.

bass clip

And again towards the end of the song…

end bass

I also had to copy the beginning of the bassline and then paste it in where the break is above to correct timing issues and the drum tracks being modified, towards the end of the song.

cut paste bass

After editing the bass,  added EQ as the first in the chain, Compression and a little bit of Distortion to add that thickness to the bass.

First lets look at what I did with the EQ to clean up the tone.



I’ve carved out some low mids, in this case 322Hz. I found that  3-5Hz range sounds quite nasty on the bass track so I notched it where it sounded the worst. I then went ahead and found the sweet spot where the bass sounded it’s fullest. Right around 100Hz with a 3dB lift. If there would have been a bass drum in the song, I would’ve cut a tiny amount around 55Hz to let the bass drum cut through the mix. The modifications with the EQ, give the bass a fuller more rounded tone. Without the modified EQ, the bass would’ve sounded flat and less interesting.

new eq


Medium attack, slow release with a 3.1 ratio.

At first I went for medium attack and a medium release but found the bass didn’t sit right in the mix.  What I tried to do was compress the pluck at the beginning of the note and then turn up on the gain to get the rest of the resonance trailing behind it, which had a quite rumble on the end. Listening back, a few hours later, I changed the release time to 3.1.secs. With the new release time, I feel the bass sits in the mix nicely.

Compression Basscompression basss new




The distortion is subtle at only 10% but it helps cut through the mix and adds a tiny bit of grit.


Organ after

As you can tell, there are a lot of edits within the organ track, again this was because of the modified drums and lining up with the bass line so it plays seamlessly and in time.

I added EQ to the organ track to make it sound a little brighter with less low end, with a 6dB boost at 2.50kHz



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